Darryl “Soul Sax” Murrill is known for his heartstring pulling and emotionally riveting sounds that exude from his soprano, alto, and tenor saxophones. His rich depth in tonality is rooted from the church pews where he learned not only to accompany the organ and vocalists, but to sing on saxophone straight from his heart! Subsequently, Murrill’s music has been heard all over the country as his original song Get On Up was featured on radio. Furthermore, his musical prowess has been recognized as he has shared the stage with such artists as: Tom Browne, Marcus Anderson, Merlon Devine, and Julian Vaughn. In addition to composing on the sax, Darryl makes appearances at festivals, in wedding ceremonies, at church related functions, private parties, and more. The “Soul Sax” delights in using his YouTube Channel, one of his many social mediums, Smooth Jazz Saxophone Lessons to inform, motivate, and enthrall his following of music enthusiasts. 

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